The Audi Q7 Features Silky Smooth Performance

When you're maneuvering your Audi Q7 in Loves Park, IL, you want a drive that's a little like walking on air. It should be nearly effortless, with no bumps, jarring, or jams. Audi created the Audi Q7 to provide this type of driving experience, and we're here at Audi Loves Park to show you all the ways Audi has blessed you with enhanced performance features you won't find on any other vehicle.

First up Audi's sleeve is All-Wheel Steering, a system that tightens your turning radius to razor-sharp precision so that you can maneuver in tight spots with no decrease in performance. If you're going at higher speeds, your steering will remain tight and sharp thanks to the system.

Audi's second magic trick is the redesign of the Audi Q7's five-link suspension. A light suspension is a treasure indeed, as it lightens the bulk of the vehicle and increases control. The Audi Q7's characteristic silky-smooth drive and control is the result of this new suspension.

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