How Performance Drives the Audi A3

Whenever you shop for a new car, you want to take all sorts of factors into consideration, but the most important one is performance. Some cars have more to offer in terms of style than in actual substance, but the Audi A3, available at Napleton’s Audi, offers both.

The main source of the Audi A3's performance capabilities is its choice of engines. You can choose between a 2.0-liter turbocharged TFSI® engine with 186 horsepower and 221 lb.-ft of torque or if you choose the Quattro model, an all-wheel-drive engine with 220 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft of torque. Either one makes driving in Loves Park, IL even more exciting than ever.

Another feature that enhances the Audi A3's performance is its transmission options. You can choose between a six-speed or a seven-speed S tronic® dual-clutch transmission. The difference is that the seven-speed offers front-wheel drive and the six-speed provides all-wheel drive.

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