How is an Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror Better than a Standard Rear-View Mirror?

Rear-view mirrors have been around for a long time. Since the 1980s the Auto-dimming rear-view mirror has gained popularity with drivers. Before the 80s there was the mechanized tipping method that drivers used to change from daylight to night time driving.

The problem with the tipping mechanism is twofold. First, the driver may forget to tip the mirror while driving around Loves Park, IL and experience a moment of blindness from an abrupt presence to the rear. A moment is all it takes to get into a dangerous situation that may lead you to visit Napleton’s Audi for some expensive repairs. Second, city driving may be impaired as the lighting imitates daylight.

Trying to compensate for darkness with a mechanical rear-view mirror could cause you to miss some crucial cues coming from you from behind. An auto-dimming rear-view mirror always gives you a clear view of the rear.

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