Check Out Why the Audi A3 Sedan is So Popular

The Audi A3 as a popular compact luxury car you have to drive to experience.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature actually is more of a safety feature than anything else. Put the Audi A3 into reverse, the sensors of this system scan the road behind the vehicle for another vehicle that may be moving into your path. Alerts flash so you have time to stop, otherwise, brake assist is activated.

In an effort to help keep you, pedestrians, and other drivers safe, the new Audi A3 comes with the Pre-Collision Assist feature. This system uses camera and sensor technology to scan the road for a collision risk, then alerts the driver to slow or will pre-charge the braking system to stop you in time.

Want the opportunity to take the Audi A3 for a test drive, you only need come down to Napleton’s Audi and simply take one off the lot today.

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