Brake Pad Performance

You use your brakes every day as you navigate the Loves Park, IL area. Perhaps you don't know how they work or the importance of keeping your brake pads healthy. The Audi service team at Napleton's Audi can help.

Vehicles equipped with disc brakes have a brake caliper and a rotor attached to each wheel. The caliper puts pressure on the rotor when you apply the brakes to make the vehicle slow or stop. The extreme amount of friction that occurs requires that there is a brake pad between the caliper and the rotor to prevent damage. Over time, the pads naturally deteriorate and require replacement. Indications of brake pad wear include difficulty stopping or unusual squealing when you put on the brakes.

Brake pads are not all created equal. Cars, SUVs and trucks all require different types of pads. Pads are also created depending on the type of vehicle performance. Some brake pads feature ceramic components while others contain metal. There are also brake pads specially designed to reduce noise while protecting the brake components from debris and dirt. Our competent auto service technicians will remedy your brake pad needs.

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